Configuring CrashPlan In FreeNAS Part 2

Now that CrashPlan is actually working in FreeNAS, it's time to actually set it up so that it's actually backing up. I have a particular volume in FreeNAS (in this case /mnt/store/pictures) that I want CrashPlan to backup. We need to create an analogous directory in the FreeNAS jail. So back in the FreeNAS UI, go to Jails and select the crashplan_2 jail and click Shell. Then simply make the directory.

Exit the shell. Now, in that same screen, click the Add Storage icon and link the FreeNAS volume /mnt/store/pictures (Source) to /mnt/pictures in the CrashPlan jail (Destination).

It's all downhill from here... Start CrashPlanDesktop and select which directories you want CrashPlan to backup. Here, again, I want to backup /mnt/pictures. Select, and Save and we're done.

As a side note, since I was previously, running CrashPlan, I used this nifty adopt feature so that the backup wouldn't need to be started from scratch.