My ErgoDox layout

Thomas Chung · September 12, 2020

It took me a while to get my OG EgroDox exactly the way I like, but here it is:

Here is the hex file and a picture, of course:

Things that went through my mind to get here:

  • I like the 6 on the left hand side probably becuase I’ve typed on a Microsoft Natural Keyboard for many many years. Out of habit, I use my left index finger for the 6.
  • I couldn’t have the ESC key on the top left anymore but it wanted it on the top left of something so I put it on the top left of the right hand side
  • I split the arrows keys, Left/Right on the left half on the keyboard and Up/Down on the right so I could easily hit either pair with the SUPER modifier on the other hand.
  • I chose to have momentary layer shifts (where the layer is active when a key is pressed) ONLY. This way, I could never get “lost”.

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